1. Eye and ear protection is required for all shooters. 

2. Safety is our first priority. If there is anything that appears unsafe, anyone is authorized to stop the shoot. 

3. Each team is responsible for loading targets on the traps they are squaded on for 16s. 

4. All 16 program traps will be open for practice before the seniors 16s and again after the juniors 16s for handicap practice. The practice trap will be open as needed during the seniors and juniors 16s for 16s practice only. No handicap practice will be allowed until the juniors are done. All practice rounds will be hand pulled and will be 10 targets each. Make sure you destroy the practice tickets. Practice tickets are available at the office. 

5. Each team is responsible for providing their own scorers. The scorer should not be a parent of any of the kids on the squad. Only the scorer and the shooters are allowed beyond the 27 yard line unless there is a safety or mechanical problem. 

6. The scorer needs to call out losses and call out scores after each station loud enough for the shooters to hear. Any discrepancies need to be addressed before the first shot at the next station is fired. The score sheet cannot be changed after the squad leaves the line. 

7. Make sure to shut off the voice pullers when the shooters are moving from station to station and turn them back on as the squad leader is ready to shoot again. Treat the voice pullers gently, they will break if they are not treated with care and then we will be hand pulling everything. 

8. Bring the score sheets to the office immediately after each squad is done. Don’t wait until all squads on a trap are finished. Make sure the scorer and squad leader sign the score sheets. 

9. Respect the grounds and facilities, we are guests. Be courteous of those around you and clean up your trash inside and outside. Don’t tear up the grounds in the mud.